About – Peter James


Peter James is a lover of all things Deep, Tech and Progressive House currently based in London.

Born in the South West of England, Peter’s first taste of the dance floor was at the legendary Monastery night-club in Torquay way back in 1999.

Fast-forward several years and the groove and energy of the early days can still be heard in his sets albeit with a much deeper sound inspired by the likes of Eelke Kliejn, Olivier Wieter, Soul Button, Mark Poppcke, Khen, Sonic Union, and Tom Middleton to name just a few.

Although not one to be pigeon holed, Peter James’ diverse tastes make him equally comfortable warming-up the crowd or indeed closing the night. One thing is for sure, his sets are designed with a singular thing in mind; to get people dancing.

An unabated passion for four-to-the-floor, and a keen desire to hunt down only the primest cuts of house and techno are all part of his appeal, and his current production aspirations will expand his presence further over the coming months and years.


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